Who we are?

Ali Göksel Bektaş

Co-Founder of Simenty. He has been developing websites since he was a child. He has over 10 years of experience in this field. Loves riding bicycles, eating cakes and comfortable chairs.

Edip Enes Çakır

Co-Founder of Simenty, developer, entrepreneur. He codes in HTML/CSS JS and Android. Loves playing tennis, swimming and watching movies.

Çağdaş Dağ

Cağdaş is a computer engineering student. He's been working on web development for a long time and his main goal is to make sure that everything he learns is applicable in real life. Currently he dedicates his every second to learn new things.

Şemsettin Özdemirden

Şemsettin is a full stack killer developer at Simenty. He likes to code games instead of just playing them. He has a deep knowledge in HTML & CSS and very little in Java.

Samet Özkale

Simenty Public Relations and Sales Coordinator. Samet is a professional basketball player. And guess what! He is also a great poet with many poems. No kidding.

Çağatay Yücelen

Frontend developer. He likes to dig into new topics, learn new stuff and code. He also enjoys IoT and Arduino.